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More people will see your ad thanks to the right settings, and you will spend the same budget
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Audience presets

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Choose from thousands of verified target audiences
Find new ideas if old targetings are burned out
Sort interests by ranking based on frequency, CTR, and budgets advertisers spend on them


Protect yourself from ban

70% less chance of a ban with
Unblock ad accounts effortlessly
Do not interrupt advertising campaigns in case of a ban
Raise your budget without the risk of blocking
Prevent bans by increasing your level of protection


Create reports

Combine all the data you need in one place to draw useful conclusions about your campaigns
Build dashboards to monitor multiple ad accounts
Get a clear visualization of results
Forget about manual data collection, import is automatic

Cashback and conditions

Cashback for Facebook and Instagram ads

Advertising accounts in USD
Payment by any card, except cards of Russian banks
Minimum payment - $30
Recommended - $250
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Service commission for Facebook and Instagram - 10%

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Making TikTok Ads Effective

TikTok Ads launched easily and supported by a certified expert
Advertising accounts in USD
We do not take commission
Minimum payment - $30
Recommended - $250
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Ability to test
beta functionality, for example:

profile promotion
geotargeting available only in
Budget optimization at the campaign level
3.5 times
CPM on TikTok is lower than on other platforms
TikTok Ads may not be available in some countries. Check with the support manager

Official advertising in Telegram

We will connect an advertising account and help with the settings
Show ads in any channels with 1000+ subscribers as the last post
Manage campaigns and track metrics in a single advertising account
Now you do not need to negotiate with channel owners

Clients cases

After the launch of the campaign, the interest of the audience increased: more calls and direct messages from moms and dads began to arrive. We were pleasantly surprised that even a test budget of about $100 was enough to attract 12 potential students. Previously, for the same money, we received only 5-6 applications.
Anar Kuspekova
Director of the "Chudo Montessori Center"
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